Our Work.....

A few of the things we have done.

We have developed simple websites , dynamic ecommerce websites, through to enterprise solutions providing management information systems to support decision making. Examples of work that we have developed are:

www.apia.co.nz - we mirrored the original site and migrated the data from the original provider to give the association complete control over their own data.

www.apart.co.nz - we took their concept for a parts trading system and built a portal which was in daily use by repairers and the major insurer in NZ when the development contract was concluded.

www.jeannesuniforms.com - this client wanted to establish an online presence. We developed a comprehensive catalog.

www.hitechautoparts.co.nz - We redeveloped this website to improve ratings with search engines. The site had been rated #4 at google and #1 at bing and yahoo after this work.

www.pauaforum.ac.nz - This client wanted a comprehensive Management Information System which we developed. This project has involved taking the clients expectations and developing a proposal then building the solution based upon ongoing feedback from the client.


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